Welcome to Fuhr and Loathing

Welcome to Fuhr and Loathing, my brand new blog about the Edmonton Oilers. And also the rest of the hockey world, because I can only abuse my mental faculties so much before I need to watch some other teams play to remind myself that it is, in fact, possible for competently played ice hockey to exist in the world.

Being a rebuilding team, the Oilers are naturally lacking in a few areas of the game. Like faceoffs. And defence. And working hard. And being able to both skate and play hockey simultaneously. I suspect they’ll provide me with plenty of material over the next 69 or 70 games until the pain ends and the hope provided by high pick in the draft once again sweeps through Oilers fans and we forget about the weak checking, sloppy defensive zone coverage, and non-existant penalty kill; those woe-inducing thoughts will be replaced with visions of an offensive juggernaut that will maul regular season opponents for years to come (only to wilt in the playoffs, if the Washington Capitals are any barometer for how that style of hockey pans out in the modern NHL).

I’m not too concerned about playoff performance, at the moment, though, since that requires making the playoffs. And having a penalty kill that understands that they’re supposed to kill off the penalty, not the Oil’s chances of winning. But we can all dream.

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